Aluminum as a material of choice is broadly used in many different applications. Apel’s aluminum is extruded in a highly controlled process, thorough the use of precise temperatures, pressures, and speeds to transform workable alloys that have been pushed through a die to produce your choice of hollow, semi-hollow, or solid shapes with high levels of accuracy and quality.

With over 45 years of experience and one of the most modern fleets of presses in North America, Apel’s strategic locations allow for short freight distances and even shorter lead times. Next-day delivery options are available to customers in western Canada and US Pacific Northwest. Apel’s custom aluminum extrusions are the ideal choice for numerous applications giving our customers the ability to deliver a fully finished product that serves multiple industries.

APEL’s custom aluminum extrusions are the ideal choice for those who are looking to reduce the purchase costs and overall effort in machining for their final product. The results are consistency, less material waste, and total control over your design.

From extrusions that require more basic processes – precision cutting, drilling, tapping, or punching – to fully finished products, Apel has you covered.