The RV sector requires aluminum extrusions for most internal walls in a variety of trailers and motorhomes, chassis on smaller RV trailers and utility trailers, inner and outer trim stapes, slide out framework, and more. The key to quality, cost-effective RV and trailer construction is to reduce weight… which is why aluminum is the preferred choice over steel. Most RV manufacturers struggle with weight reduction as most aluminum extruders either prefer not to or are unable to manufacture thinner extrusions. Over the years APEL Extrusions is proud to have “mastered” this process. APEL’s short lead times and frequent scheduled deliveries allow customers to reduce their inventories which reduce costs. Experts at structurally-sound wall thinning, the RV and trailer markets benefit from APEL’s continuous improvements in a sector they are extremely familiar with. In addition, APEL offers a large collection of available “open shapes” – reducing initial die costs for the customer. With historical lead times that are second to none, APEL Extrusions has been serving the Western US and Canada or over 45 years. Let APEL bring accelerated service and cost-efficiency to your RV project.