Wet & Powder Coatings

APEL Calgary houses a horizontal electrostatic paint line capable of finishing up to 24’3” lengths in both wet and powder paint coatings. We are an approved applicator of both Valspar/Sherwin Williams and PPG paints.

APEL’s chromate pre-treatment process meets or exceeds AAMA requirements with end products supplied to AAMA 2603, 2604, and 2605 specifications.

Our upgraded equipment includes a pre-treat tunnel for our paint line which allows us to deliver the best possible painted and powder coating services on the West Coast.

Wet Coat

As opposed to powder coating, wet coating for aluminum extrusions includes acrylics, polyesters, siliconized polyesters, and fluoropolymers. After the paint is applied, they are baked or cured similar to powder coating to seal the finish.

Wet paint finishes are typically smoother than powder coating and provide similar protection to the elements, while typically exhibiting more vibrant metallic covers that pop.

Powder Coat

Powder coating refers to the process of applying fine particles of a resin in a variety of colors to aluminum surfaces. This resin powder is applied to the material through the use of an electrostatically-charged spray gun that allows the powder to bond to the receiving material.

Once the product is coated in the dry resin powder, the finish is cured in a large industrial oven that allows the powder to imbue itself to the metal. This creates a uniform, thick and durable finish. Powder coating is available in the full spectrum of color and gives the material additional resistant to chemicals, UV Rays, and cracking or chipping.

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APEL’S Wet & Powder Coatings Capabilities