The Future of APEL

APEL Extrusions has purchased 22.6 acres of land in Phoenix, Arizona, which will be the site of a new 323,782-square-foot headquarters and manufacturing facility. APEL will expand its West Coast Operations to Phoenix in late 2022 with plans to move company headquarters to follow. APEL Extrusions intends to hire approximately 200 employees at the new location and will begin recruiting for management, administrative, engineering, technical services and labor positions mid-year 2022. “We are excited to be investing in a major [...]

APEL Extrusions: Commercial Building

Time is money when undertaking small or large construction projects. APEL Extrusions saves customers money by offering short, consistent lead times to meet demanding project schedules and challenges. APEL has been successfully supplying architectural profiles in the Western US and Canada for nearly half a century. An agile, independent extruder, APEL is a “one stop shop” offering extrusion, painting, anodizing, fabrication, and thermal improvement for both residential manufacturers and customers within the architectural building sector. Curtainwall, window-wall, entrance doors, storefronts, [...]

APEL Extrusions: The RV Sector

The RV sector requires aluminum extrusions for most internal walls in a variety of trailers and motorhomes, chassis on smaller RV trailers and utility trailers, inner and outer trim stapes, slide out framework, and more. The key to quality, cost-effective RV and trailer construction is to reduce weight… which is why aluminum is the preferred choice over steel. Most RV manufacturers struggle with weight reduction as most aluminum extruders either prefer not to or are unable to manufacture thinner extrusions. [...]

Safety at APEL

APEL Extrusions commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees is a top priority. Safety at APEL starts with management commitment and employee involvement. This is supported through continuous training, personal accountability, and performance management as core elements for ensuring the well-being of our employees. APEL’s safety system is based on human error reduction, personal safety awareness, and reinforcing knowledge to help workers control hazards and prevent injuries. All of this is supported by ensuring we as a company [...]

APEL: “The Plane Story”

A peek 'behind the curtain" at APEL Extrusions.... ABOUT APEL APEL Extrusions is North America’s leading independent aluminum extruder and finisher. With 45+ years of experience, APEL is a leading North American extrusion company with a commitment to continued investment in new equipment and capabilities to meet the current and future demands of the markets we serve.

APEL’S Anodizing Process

Anodizing refers to the electrochemical process that changes the surface of the metal into a corrosion-resistant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing anodic-oxide finish. This is not a process that happens before other finishing – an anodized material’s surface is fully integrated into the aluminum substrate and cannot be chipped off or removed. Apel’s state-of-the-art semi-automated anodizing line ensures 100% environmental compliance of all finishing processes. Capable of producing clear, champagne, bronze, and black finishes in up to 24-foot 3-inch lengths meeting [...]

My Apel Experience – Meet John Finney

After spending most of his life in the aluminum extrusion business, Apel's John Finney, Sales Manager in Calgary, Alberta, Canada takes a sincere look at his journey and shares his hopes for the future of his beloved Apel Extrusions.

APEL I-Strut Uses & Process

APEL offers custom thermal break components that are capable of utilizing a broad range of insulting profiles with exceptional structural performance. The use of an engineered polyamide strut between inside and outside aluminum profiles of various widths provides our customers with multiple system configurations. Our process consists of three standard steps: • Knurling the aluminum profiles • Insertion of a polyamide strut • Rolling of the aluminum profiles to the polyamide creating a precisely fit structural assembly Utilizing both existing [...]

APEL’S Wet & Powder Coatings Capabilities

Welcome to Apel’s wet & powder coatings capabilities. Our upgraded equipment includes a pre-treat tunnel for our paint line which allows us to deliver the best possible painted and powder coating services on the West Coast. An approved applicator of both Valspar/Sherwin Williams and PPG paints, Apel Calgary houses a horizontal electrostatic paint line capable of finishing up to 24’3” lengths in both wet and powder-paint coatings. APEL’s chromate pre-treatment process meets or exceeds AAMA requirements with end products supplied [...]

Apel’s Aluminum Extrusion Process

Aluminum as a material of choice is broadly used in many different applications. Apel’s aluminum is extruded in a highly controlled process, thorough the use of precise temperatures, pressures, and speeds to transform workable alloys that have been pushed through a die to produce your choice of hollow, semi-hollow, or solid shapes with high levels of accuracy and quality. With over 45 years of experience and one of the most modern fleets of presses in North America, Apel’s strategic locations [...]