My Apel Experience – Meet John Finney

After spending most of his life in the aluminum extrusion business, Apel's John Finney, Sales Manager in Calgary, Alberta, Canada takes a sincere look at his journey and shares his hopes for the future of his beloved Apel Extrusions.

Apel’s Aluminum Extrusion Process

Aluminum as a material of choice is broadly used in many different applications. Apel’s aluminum is extruded in a highly controlled process, thorough the use of precise temperatures, pressures, and speeds to transform workable alloys that have been pushed through a die to produce your choice of hollow, semi-hollow, or solid shapes with high levels of accuracy and quality. With over 45 years of experience and one of the most modern fleets of presses in North America, Apel’s strategic locations [...]


Welcome to APEL. A customer-oriented aluminum extruder with over 45 years of experience. With locations in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Coburg, Oregon USA and a new facility coming soon – Apel extrusions is North America’s leading independent aluminum extruder and finisher. Known for affordable, high-quality products with “industry best” short lead times, Apel provides solutions in aluminum extrusions, painting, anodizing, fabrication, and thermal break. Proud to accommodate many industries including building and construction, transportation, electrical, solar, consumer durables, and more – [...]