Alcan exited the extrusion business in North America, selling its interest in APEL to the current private ownership group. Continuous upgrades to its equipment, expansion of its premises, and the installation of a new seven-inch press in 2001 (later upgraded to an eight-inch configuration) allowed APEL to grow its operations and become the supplier of preference in its [...]

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A second extrusion operation was opened in Calgary, Alberta to service the growing Western Canadian market. The acquisition of a larger and more capable six-inch press in Calgary combined with the installation of a new paint line allowed for the consolidation of operations into the Calgary facility, resulting in the closure of the Winnipeg operation in 1990.

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The recognition of excess press capacity led to Price-Acme’s partnership with the Aluminum Company of Canada (Alcan) and the launch of Alcan Price Extrusions Limited (APEL), a 50/50 joint venture between the two companies to manufacture and market aluminum extrusions across the Prairie Provinces.

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Winnipeg-based companies E. H. Price and Acme Manufacturing formed a partnership (Price Acme of Canada Ltd), and acquired a four-inch hydraulic press used exclusively to extrude profiles for E.H. Price’s grille and register manufacturing center in Winnipeg.

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