Time is money when undertaking small or large construction projects. APEL Extrusions saves customers money by offering short, consistent lead times to meet demanding project schedules and challenges.
APEL has been successfully supplying architectural profiles in the Western US and Canada for nearly half a century. An agile, independent extruder, APEL is a “one stop shop” offering extrusion, painting, anodizing, fabrication, and thermal improvement for both residential manufacturers and customers within the architectural building sector.

Curtainwall, window-wall, entrance doors, storefronts, exterior facades including cladding/panels, skylights, sun shades, modular building interiors, and misc. structural elements are just some of APEL’s specialties.

APEL CASE STUDY 1: A number of competitors submitted pricing for a parkade project, and APEL stepped up offering a number of designs to not only reduce the costs but to also suggest solutions designed to facilitate easier and quicker installation.

APEL CASE STUDY 2: A customer had a new product for a door build, and the shape design process took them much longer than usual, eating up valuable time before their first order fulfillment. APEL ordered the die tooling, extruded the profile first time to print specifications, first article inspected the new profile for dimensional accuracy and shipped the material as per the promised order schedule. When following up with the client, the customer responded “Perfect, very happy.”

Customers find shopping at APEL very user friendly, as they are being supported during new product or system designs, all the way to final project completion